Recycled Paper
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We will all be making our commitment for the 2022 ministries + outreach the week of October 25

Materials will also be mailed to you

RECORDED Town Meeting

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Topics included:


  • Where our finances are at as we look towards year-end

  • Status of our All Are Welcome appeal 

  • Strategic directions as we look into 2022

Recycled Paper


This commitment will tell Westwood how much you intend to share in 2022.

Your COMMITMENT is the dollar amount that you tell Westwood you will give in the coming year.  It’s not binding, but rather a commitment made to ourselves and our finances, and also it’s how the church knows what ministries we can provide.  The more generous we are, the more we can accomplish together!

Let us know your 2022 amount in this form below


Here’s a great option for how you can give!  It’s simple to set up and efficient.  Our electronic giving program is called Westwood Connect. Enter your amount and set it to start January 10, 2022, and run for 12 months.

That gift can also be given through your own bank’s program, or by check, stock, or other giving.

Set up your electronic giving in the form below