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A defining aspect our partnerships at Westwood is the importance of relationship in all we do. We wish to create a two-way street of engagement, learning and dreaming that allows us to be more than a church that's good at charity, but a church that's good at change. We want to play a role with our partners in creating a world where charity is no longer necessary.


For sure, it takes more effort to know those we partner with. But building real community with intention also strengthens the tethers that hold this world together.

What Does It Mean to
be Vital and Necessary?

At Westwood, part of our vision has been to be "a vital and necessary part of our community and world." As a result, we have developed a wide variety of local community partnerships, overseas relationships in Tanzania, and internal ministries. We are open and curious to the question of what God is up to in our community and how we are called to participate.

Rise Early Learning Center


Redeemer Lutheran Church


Wayside House

Prison Re-Entry Program

Minneapolis Area Synod

Arusha Road Lutheran Church

Dodoma Christian Medical Center

Outreach Food Packing

Operation Bootstrap

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