Music plays a central role in worship and spiritual life here at Westwood. For over six decades, our conductors, musicians, composers, and educators have worked to ensure that our music of faith was well taught and well-lived. For children, we believe music is an essential way to learn faith. For adults, music can be the provision we need — nourishing, guiding, inspiring, and leading us on our journey.

These songs of life are best shared, and we invite you to join us. Whether you like to sing, play an instrument or want to ring handbells, Westwood has ensembles for nearly every age group and musical ability. These ensembles are great ways to connect with others and use our gifts in worship and praise.

Several ensembles function year-round, meet intermittently, or have special audition requirements. If you are interested in joining any of the ensembles at Westwood or would like more information, please contact Andrew Paulson, Director of Music Ministries, or the director listed.

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