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Confirmation starts with Westwood U

Westwood U offers people of all ages the opportunity to gather for education, faith development, and growth.  

Kids, parents, grandparents, friends... Everyone is invited! 

The purpose of doing confirmation in this way is to move beyond education towards transformation. Westwood U is a way to create an ecosystem of lifelong faith formation at Westwood.  We believe that our hearts and hands must accompany our heads in our journeys of faith.  This model creates opportunities for faith exploration by tapping into the life experiences of multiple generations with the understanding that the content of faith has no traction outside of faith-based relationships.

Westwood U offers flexibility and choice of study topics and class times as well as intergenerational learning and growing.

See what courses are offered, read more about what to expect, and see what works for your schedule!

Register for one course or multiple!  It's up to you!  But registration is required for all courses!


What courses are offered?

There are three categories for the courses offered at Westwood U. Several courses from each category are offered throughout the year.

They are:


hands-on learning


service to our neighbors and congregation


fellowship, faith, and nurturing experiences

How many of each should I take?

While completing the required number of Westwood courses, students will need to take a minimum number of 3 courses in each category. Of the 12 credits, 3 in each of the 3 categories will be required. The remaining 3 credits are up to you!


  • Year 1 (7th grade) = 5 courses and Bible Milestone

  • Year 2 (8th grade) = 5 courses and Elder Wisdom Milestone

  • Year 3 (9th grade) = 5 courses, Faith Mentoring, and your Faith Statement

We heard you loud and clear about flexibility, so you may take any combination of courses at any time. However, you get to the number needed is up to you!

The information above, for 7-8th grade, is also relevant to 9th graders.  However, 9th graders also add Faith Mentors and writing their Faith Statement to the mix!

Faith Mentoring

  • Each confirmand will select a faith mentor of their choice, someone other than a parent, to have a mentoring relationship with during the spring of their 9th grade year. This person should be someone whom the 9th grader sees as a strong person of faith, and not just a warm body.

  • Options include, but are not limited to: Baptismal sponsor, past Sunday school teacher, elder wisdom adult from 8th or 9th grade, a faithful young adult from the congregation, etc.

Faith Statement

  • Each 9th grader will write or present a statement of faith via another creative medium.

  • They will begin the work on this faith statement in the summer before their 10th grade year, and they will be presented before the rite of confirmation in their 10th grade year.

  • As a part of this commitment, each 9th grader will hear a faith statement from several caring adults in their lives. Their confirmation guides, youth director, parent(s), mentor, and perhaps a few others along the way. This is a rich way of passing on the faith, thru language spoken directly from close caring adults.

Parent Student Learning, or P/SL for short, happens once a month for confirmands and their parents.  Each age group has a time of learning with the Pastors and other ministry leaders.  We believe it's crucial for parents to be a part of their child's faith journey and development.

7-8th Grade
9th Grade

For more information about Confirmation at Westwood, 

contact Dannica Olsen, Director of Youth Ministry.

Register your child(ren) today for our activities

*scholarships available

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