© 2020 by Westwood Lutheran Church

Our Vision is to Create New Connections

  • Fostering relationships with people throughout our church and neighborhood.

  • Linking with partners who share our work in the world.

  • Building bridges within and across the ways our community is divided, whether by age, money, race, sexuality, religion or other boundaries.

Our Vision is to Empower Discipleship & Mission

  • Growing in faith, as we study and seek to discern God's will, and apply it in our lives.

  • Increasing the number of people we touch with our ministry.

  • Multiplying those who participate as partners and leaders in our work.

Our Vision is to be

an Advocate for a Healthy Community

  • Meeting basic needs and actively seeking ways to end poverty.

  • Strengthening all forms of families.

  • Working and advocating for justice, striving to eliminate inequalities that remain in our society.