claimed & called to be God's hands and feet

in all the realms of our life

what does it mean to be

claimed & called?

In Holy Baptism we confess that we have been claimed and named as a child of God.  In addition, we have been called in all aspects of our life to be God’s hands and feet.  In our roles in our work/retirement/school lives, in all our family roles, in our relationships with neighbors and friends, and in our life as citizens of this state, country, and world.  All of them are callings. 

watch the entire 'Life of Faith' video

produced by the ELCA below

there is no time in which you are NOT called to be God’s hands and feet

hear from our Westwood members


In 2014, out of a deep concern that this core message of the Gospel was not real for many in our congregation, Westwood launched a long-term focus on grace and vocation where everything we do seeks to tie back to these core confessions.  In this section of our website you can see the following.

  • An overview video done by the Life of Faith initiative which highlights Westwood members speaking about their experience.

  • An article summarizing our work through the first 5 years.

  • Several interview sermons where members speak about the callings in their work or family/friend roles.

  • Interviews with members reflecting on their work and family callings during the pandemic.

  • Some of the materials we’ve used to engage the congregation over the last 5 years.

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