Baptisms at Westwood

In baptism, God welcomes us into the Christian family. It is a time for parents, sponsors, and our whole community to make promises to the newly baptized. Baptism is one of two sacraments—places where the ordinary becomes sacred with the blessing of God and the community—in the Lutheran Church.

Baptism classes are scheduled at noon on the first Sunday of most months (if that weekend is a holiday when people are likely to be out of town, we will reschedule for the Sunday before or after).  This hour-long gathering is a time to share lunch with other families who also have a new little one, to find out what baptism means from one of the pastors, and to go over logistics for this special day.  

Baptisms are celebrated during both services on the second and fourth Sundays of most months.  A baptism class is offered for all who desire to be baptized into the Christian faith. If this is your first child being baptized here at Westwood Lutheran Church, we do ask that you make this one class a priority.  If you have had a child baptized here prior, this class is not mandatory but you are most welcome to join us.


Register for baptism

Sign up to be baptized and 

complete the baptism class.


Receive Baptism

class RSVP

Receive baptism class RSVP email the

week before the baptism month begins.


Attend the

Baptism Class

Class is mandatory for 1st time Westwood baptisms and occurs after the 10:45 service.


How many guests?

further questions?

Email Marnie Fujii with how many guests we can expect on the day of and if you have any further questions feel free to call the main office at 952-545-5623.


Baptism Day

is here!

Welcome to the Family!

Either the 2nd or 4th Sunday of the month is when we do Baptisms at Westwood.

To schedule a baptism, please complete the Baptism Registration form in step 1 above.

If you have any additional questions, contact the main office at 952-545-5623

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