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As churches go, Westwood is on the large end, and you might think our size makes it hard to connect.

But people tell us all the time that we don't seem big.


Our secret, we think, is Westwood is a collection of many, many smaller gatherings. We're intentional about offering opportunities to connect, whether with churchy things like Bible study small groups or choir, or any variety of interests and passions: outdoor ministries like sailing or canoeing, helping serve community meals, being part of a music ensemble, knitting prayer shawls, connecting with our partners locally or across the world, running the soundboard, offering a hand to Holiday Fair, making beer, caroling to our shut-ins, volunteering in the baby room or taking a service trip with our youth. The list is long.


We also get that you may not be seeking community, but, instead, a respite or sanctuary. We're a place for that as well. You might want others to walk along with in a support group. When—and if—you're ready, know that there's likely a place for you here. Or, with our help, you can create a community for others like yourself.

The new member class is a great place to start whether you want to dive in or hang on the side of the pool. It's made up of two sessions that happen twice a year. Or reach out to one of our pastors or staff. We'd love to get to know you and help you find your place.

Gather and serve

We invite you to join in the many opportunities at Westwood to grow in faith, serve the world and meet others.

Caring and support

We believe church has to be the place where we are able to lay down the burdens and struggles we carry. If that's what you need, we're here for you.

New member class

Our new member classes are a great way to begin. We talk about faith—and welcome your questions. We also help you find your place within this place. Building community is important to us—creating new connections is even part of our mission—and we take this (fun) job seriously.

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