How to set up Automated Electronic Giving

In these 4 easy steps, you can set up your automated electronic giving through Westwood Connect

Westwood Connect is Westwood's database software

There is no cost to you in using this option


Login to your Westwood Connect account.

If you don’t yet have an account in Westwood Connect that's not a problem!  Select “Request Account” and a staff person will validate your account within 24 hours so you can log in. 


Once you’ve logged in to your new profile page, click on the “My Giving” tab on the left.


Click on “Repeating Gift” and then, in the “Choose Designation” box, select “PRAYER OF GOOD COURAGE 22'-24'”.


Complete the other boxes that ask for your amount (per time) and frequency; and in the “Starting Date” box, select MAY 22, 2022, or any date after the 22nd of May.  The Prayer of Good Courage Appeal runs from May 22, 2022, through May 23, 2024.

Video Tutorial: 

In this video example,

the individual is giving $100, monthly, until 24 gifts have been made, for a total of $2,400 gifts for the 5/22/22 - 5/23/24 "Prayer of Good Courage Appeal" duration.

And you're good to go!

If you have any questions please contact Becky Arndt at 952-767-5562.