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Journey Inward to Journey Outward

Fall Small Groups

There are a variety of small groups offered, click the button below to sign up an to see the curriculum.


Introduction and Overview

Week 1 Curriculum - September 17

Week 2 Curriculum - September 24

Week 3 Curriculum - October 1

Week 4 Curriculum - October 8

Week 5 Curriculum - October 15


We are incredibly grateful to Anna Martinez, Westwood member, Council member, and certified Spiritual Director, for helping the staff flesh out this theme and for writing this Guidebook for our small groups and individual use.  We know it will nourish you spiritually and help us all on our path to transformation.  Thank you, Anna.



We are also thankful for a grant from the Westwood Lutheran Memorial Foundation, allowing us to bring Anna on-board as our spiritual mentor and guide, and someone who will be teaching and guiding all of us in a variety of ways (retreats, classes, spiritual formation groups) over the coming months!  Thank you, Foundation, for making this possible!

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