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Stewardship means to care for something well, and it's the word many churches use to talk about regular giving. Naturally, a big part of stewardship includes caring for buildings and covering salaries. Mundane? Maybe. But that practical view misses the "so that we can" component of our role as church.


We give at Westwood "so that we can" be better stewards for a world that needs us. Stewardship (and our building, salaries, ministries and partnerships it enables—not to mention yearly vision items) is Westwood's engine for living out our mission to be a vital and necessary part of the world. It's not, then, about fixing boilers. It's about creating a warm incubator for faith, and discovering and living out our vocation as people of God.

Your giving is fuel for the world we hope and strive for.

We invite you to make your commitment to Ministries + Outreach by November 20.

Materials will also be mailed to you.


Your 2023 gifts will help us:

  • Feed our community, local and global.

  • Be fed by song, prayer and God’s word in our variety of worship services.

  • Support a new pastor.

  • Add back a Children, Youth and Family Staff member.

  • Support ministries in the U.S., around the world.

  • and more!

Click to set up automated Electronic Giving through Westwood Connect:

If you’re giving by check, cash or other means, please let us know your 2023 commitment so the Council can make plans for the year ahead.

Simply submit this Commitment Form (OR you can use the hard copy mailed to you) and let us know your total pledged amount for 2023.  This helps the Council in our planning for the year ahead.  Thank you!

Contact Becky at, 952-767-5562 with any questions.

IMPORTANT:  If you’re already giving on Westwood Connect, please enter your NEW 2023 amount, as all 2022 repeat giving will end on December 31.  Click the link above and follow the instructions.


Questions or need help?  Contact Becky at, 952-767-5562.


Thank you for completing your 2023 pledge by November 20.

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