What has the Prayer of Good Courage meant to you?

“I can’t get through this prayer without tearing up.” “I pray it every morning in the car on my way to work.” “We prayed it on the sailing trip this year, and it had a powerful message as we awaited a big storm on Lake Superior!” “I am retiring, and this prayer brings me comfort that even though I don’t know what’s next, God is always with me.” “A family member was just diagnosed with cancer, and I’ve clung to the words of prayer each day to get me through.”

We have been told so many stories of when you have prayed The Prayer of Good Courage (on the next page), what it has come to mean to you and how you have shared it with others.  It has almost become a “creed” (which means a statement of what we believe) for us!  Over the course of the past 3+ years, we’ve used it at weddings and funerals, at meetings and on youth trips, in our Christmas cards and more.  

  • We will be using the words to this beautiful prayer as our theme this program year.  

  • A piece of music is being commissioned for our 75th Anniversary (November 9-10) with these words.  

  • Each week this fall, we will take one phrase of the prayer for our preaching and for discussion in the fall small groups.  


Through this Prayer of Good Courage, we will be delving even deeper into our understanding of ourselves, our world and God.  We hope you’ll join in!


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