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Lent 2021

Lent 2021 will continue our journey into the depths of racism, as our country looks for a new and better path, and as people of faith, we claim the Lenten themes of sin, brokenness, hope, and reconciliation through the cross and resurrection of Jesus.


Wednesday Evening Worship

Livestreamed from the Sanctuary at 7 PM

wed lent

Sunday Worship in Lent

February 21 – March 21

We will use the story of David and Bathsheba (homework: read II Samuel: 11-12) as a backdrop for examining behavior not unrelated to race: the use of power by a privileged person to exploit another for gain.  This story is about one who continues to be called by God but moves from harmful thinking and actions toward repentance.  Our March 21 Sunday worship will be a service of repentance before moving into Holy Week.

Sunday Morning Westwood U Speakers 

LIVE on Zoom at 10 AM

These 5 weeks will be a powerful and helpful exploration of two issues: the effects of systemic racism on health disparities (only come further to light because of Covid), and secondarily, how housing policies have played a part in these health disparities.  Once again, we have an incredible slate of community leaders joining us to speak! After each of these hours, there will be optional 30-minute breakout groups, facilitated by our Race & Equity Team.

lent speakers

The Speakers 

February 21

Dr. Nathan Chomilo, Pediatrician


“How Structural Racism Has Affected Health Disparities in MN”

 Dr. Nathan Chomilo 

February 28

Dr. Nathan Chomilo, Pediatrician

Continuing from Week 1 with a focus on Early Childhood

Dr. Antony Stately.png

March 7

Dr. Antony Stately, CEO of Native American Community Clinic


“What Does Equity Look Like?”

 Dr. Antony Stately 

Blair Harrison.jpg

March 14

Blair Harrison, MN Dept. of Health


“Health, Housing & Homelessness"

 Blair Harrison 

Jake Spano.JPG

March 21

Jake Spano, Mayor of St. Louis Park


“History of Racial Covenants in our Community"

 Jake Spano 

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