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During the season of Epiphany we will be focusing on shame vs. grace in the realm of family: a place of great joy, identity, and love, but also that place from which a large percentage of the shame in our life either originates or is amplified. 

Our two goals are to understand the call of each of our familial roles and to unpack the impediment that shame has on living fully into those specific roles. 

Join us for our Sunday Morning Westwood U courses

Between services (9:50-10:40 AM) with Karen Stevensen, a friend of Westwood and a marriage and family therapist, will lead us each week on the following topics:

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January 12:

Failure and shame are feelings we avoid at all costs. In our first week we will attempt to transform the power these feelings have that make us feel like hiding from others into the human connection we long for. We will also learn a spiritual practice for centering our focus on God’s love for us.

Part 1: WWU with Karen Stevensen on Fail
00:00 / 38:01

January 19:

How do we partner with God in bringing our unique gifts to a world that needs healing? We will explore a practice for letting go of our ego and allowing God’s love to flow through us.

Part 2 WWU with Karen Stevensen on Fai
00:00 / 50:22

January 26:

It’s normal to judge others and see their faults and failures. What’s worse, we do this to ourselves with the scripts we say in our minds. Yet all of us long to be seen through the eyes of grace. To be fully understood and accepted. This week we will focus on the commandment to love ourselves as we love others. How do we move from judgement to grace for the people we love and ourselves?


Epiphany 2020 Schedule + Curriculum

Sunday, January 12
Epiphany Introduction
WWU: Marriage and Family Therapist Karen Stevensen introducing parts of
Epiphany theme (between services)

Sunday, January 19
Shame/Honor versus Grace
WWU: Karen Stevensen (between services)

Launch of Family Affinity Small Groups

Sunday, January 26
Power versus Vulnerability
WWU: Karen Stevensen (between services)

Sunday, February 2
Image versus Authenticity
Town Hall Meeting (between services)

Sunday, February 9
Competition/Comparison versus Love
Annual Meeting (between Services)

Sunday, February 16
Identity-based on Accomplishment/Accumulation versus Identity-based on Claim

Sunday, February 23
Christ the King Sunday

Wednesday, February 26
Ash Wednesday 6:30 PM Service

Leafy Branch - 2.png


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