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A theme of exploration for 2022-2023.

We are yearning.  Moving into a new chapter of life, post-pandemic, we are asking new questions.  Many of our priorities and assumptions have been challenged.  But we believe our faith can help us discern what life should look like!  

If we are to be Jesus’ hands and feet out there, our work must flow out of a deep center that's grounded in God’s love and grace.  Our journey inward is what nourishes and equips us to go outward!  In that process we are transformed. 

This inner work is what inspired Dietrich Bonhoeffer, motivated Dr. Martin Luther King, and can continue to feed and shape each of us who want to make our faith active in love. 

  • Where do you experience God in your busy everyday life? 

  • How might you know God’s love for you more deeply?  ​

We will explore these questions SO THAT... 

  • We might see God more clearly at work in our ordinary lives. 

  • We might join what God is already up to in the world!

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