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Looking Back On 2020

A year like no other.  This likely could have been said other years, but the highs and lows of 2020 are quite unique in my lifetime and in my 35 years of parish ministry.  Our congregation “came together” in new ways, as our country felt like it was breaking apart at the seams.  The pandemic, forcing our closure mid-March, threw us into uncharted waters, but with a faithful and committed congregation and a strong and creative staff team, Westwood can once again end the year with a strong “Thanks be to God!”




as we sought to:

  • care for those who have been locked in and locked down

  • address the sin of racism by providing special programming during Lent and through ongoing activities sponsored by our Race & Equity Team

  • move our worship online, upgrading things on the production end and changing job descriptions to accommodate new tasks needed

  • move most everything online: Westwood U classes, Town Meetings, caring connections, youth group and Confirmation, new member classes, etc.

  • say farewell to Andrew Paulson and Bekah Engstrand at “drive-through” events and to Pastor Miriam Samuelson-Roberts in a live Zoom party; Jennifer Ortlip, Heidi Johnson, and Jeff Kurtz also left our staff, and Marnie Fujii, Sara Moran, and Phillip Shoultz came onboard

  • gather in backyard and Zoom groups throughout the summer to see each other live and talk about the proposed Prayer of Good Courage affordable childcare project 

  • stay faithful in our financial giving to our annual ministries, our All Are Welcome capital appeal, and a special “Help Our City” fund after the murder of George Floyd and the unrest that followed that tragedy

Resource Planning Slides

Westwood's 2020 Strategic Directions


Council Report

President's Report

Chris Hengtes.png

​​2020 was met with many challenges throughout our state, nation, and world.  Through all these challenges, Westwood Lutheran Church continues to lead and demonstrate being an artisan of the common good.  With the Prayer of Good Courage guiding the vision, staff and congregation continue making a difference within the Westwood community and beyond.  I am grateful to be a part of a congregation that cares so deeply about living out God’s vision and bringing hope to the challenges we all face.  On behalf of the Council, thanks to each of you – staff and congregation – for the gifts, talents, and blessings you share with Westwood and the community. 

Chris Hentges

Council President

Below are a few highlights that we are proud of in 2020: 

  • Addressing racism during Lent and ongoing – this work is being led by our Race & Equity Team 

  • Backyard gatherings over the summer to connect with others and learn more about the Prayer of Good Courage Project – proud of the overwhelming response and support for the project by the congregation 

  • Staff creativity and innovation in planning worship and fellowship opportunities that have been meaningful and engaging 

I cannot thank the congregation enough for the strong giving and support during 2020 – it is essential to continue all our impactful ministries.

+Chris Hentges, Council President  

Nominations Team

Luke hoffman.jpg

Luke Hoffman

We have been members at Westwood since 2014.  Before Covid, you have probably seen me at Messy Worship or 10:45 service with my wife, Dani, and our two kids, Henry and Evie. I have been involved with the Young Dads Group, leading a session last year, and participated in the last two "Dad’s Retreats".

lindsey melander.jpg

Lindsay Melander

My husband is Ian, and my sons are Decklan (5) and Kieran (1). I've been a member for 5 years. I'm involved in Moms Connect, served on the Parable of the Talents committee and my kids are involved in children’s ministries. 


Brenda Knutson

I have been a member of Westwood since 1985 and find joy in volunteering for the Arusha Road food packing event and now I am the coordinator for this annual event.  I also enjoy participating with the Holiday Fair committee and have taught Sunday School.  I appreciate the Westwood Community and its outreach.   Thank you for the opportunity to serve, learn and grow in faith.  

Re-Elected for Year 2

Shelby Strauss, Lanica Klein, and Kurt Koubal

Finishing their Term on Council

Chris Hentges, Jim Fiebelkorn, and Laura Smith

Council Nominations

Biebl, Toby.jpg

Toby Biebl

President Elect

Family Members: 

My wife, Sara, and our children, Mary (7) and Henry (6)

Westwood Involvement: 

Both of our children attended WECC. The fantastic children’s program, tight-knit WECC parent community, and admirable church leadership pulled us into Westwood membership in 2018/19.  Since then, I have been a member of the golf league and a couple of small groups (Theology on Tap group and the Westwood Dads of Young Children group).

My work outside of church:

I am a Nonprofit Controller at CliftonLarsonAllen.  I assist nonprofit organizations with accounting and finances to help them better realize their missions. 

Why I’d Like to Serve on the Council: 

Westwood continually puts the Gospel message into action in very concrete and meaningful ways.  I see this when we teach our children about generosity when they learn-by-doing in sharing their gift of song or opening their own piggy banks to give to various causes.  As a church community, I see us take the message of Christ and put it into action by starting an affordable childcare program through the Prayer of Good Courage Project.  Being part of a church that lives the Gospel is exhilarating, and membership in this church has challenged me to better align my actions to those of followers of Christ.  While I still have a long way to go on this front, I want to share my time and talents to help Westwood continue being a church that embodies the Gospel.


Lara Cleveland

Council Member at Large

Family Members:

My husband, Robb Tronson, and our daughters, Estelle (20) and Ava (18)

Westwood Involvement:

Member since 2006. As our kids were growing, my Westwood involvement revolved around teaching Sunday School, VBS, and Confirmation. I have also been a regular lefse baker. I am currently a member of Westwood’s Racial Equity Team.

My work outside of church:

I am a senior researcher at the University of Minnesota’s Institute for Social Research and Data Innovation.  

Why I’d Like to Serve on the Council:

I love the work Westwood has been doing to get to know our neighbors, challenging ourselves to follow Jesus’ example in loving and standing up for all people in our shared community. I would like to serve on the council to give something back to the church. If chosen to serve, I commit to furthering the good work and many excellent programs at Westwood. I am especially passionate about ensuring communication and coordination among the Racial Equity Team, educational activities at all levels, and other Westwood initiatives.

Nicole Dimich Photo 2020 (003).jpg

Nicole Dimich

Council Member at Large 

Family Members:

I am a mother of three, Maya (20), Rhys (16), and Chase (13)

Westwood Involvement:

Facilitator for Educator’s Vocation Group, women’s small group, and the fall IDI Group (Race & Equity).

My work outside of church:

Educator, Author, Transformation Builder, and  Executive Director of Thrive Ed  (an organization that works on transforming education).

Why I’d like to serve on the Council: 

I hope to serve as a leader at Westwood at this time because I feel called to be part of continuing to create a church community that invests deeply in its local and global context, to be light and love, and to authentically learn to be equity-focused and action-oriented.  Westwood has been a gift to me, a place to grow in my faith and find a welcoming community.  

george floyd mural PEYTON SCOTT RUSSELL.

Racial Equity

  • The Racial Equity Team completed and the Westwood Council affirmed a Racial Justice Statement.

  • Lent 2020 was entitled “Who Am I? Deepening Our Conversations on Race”.  Westwood’s 2nd year focused on our collective vocation by engaging challenges of systemic racism.

  • Over 25 people worked with Richard Webb, Westwood’s Racial Equity Coach, to take the Intercultural Development Inventory and worked through their own goals and growth plan.

  • The Racial Equity Team hosted quarterly movie nights and conversations.

  • The Racial Equity Team collected over $21,500 and numerous supplies that were dispersed after the killing of George Floyd to support rebuilding efforts and to support race equity work.

  • The Children, Youth, and Family Ministry planned to distribute family anti-racism books/resources with the hopes of giving out 30-40 books.  They ultimately gave out 282 books to Westwood families.

Sonja & Todd.jpg

Sonja Muus +

Todd Western

The two of us serve on Westwood's Racial Equity Team. The group spent much of the first year building relationships with each other and completing our IDIs (Intercultural Development Inventory). Much of our year was focused on hosting bi-monthly movie nights centered around topics of systemic racism. After the tragic murder of George Floyd last spring, we raised money to support churches in the Longfellow area as they distributed resources to people in the community. We are looking forward to some exciting goals for next year, like hosting a BIPOC focused movie night or speaker every two months, continuing our IDI engagement, and adding more diverse images of God and Jesus to our church’s collection of art, as well as continuing to add more diverse children’s books to our church library.


Financial Report

Total Gifts Given


faith giving for pledgers and non pledgers

Average Gift



Household Contributions


given to the General Operating Fund

DennisMary Tollefson.jpg

Dennis +

Mary Tollefson

Westwood has been life-givingly important to us.  The pandemic and Dennis’ cancer journey have kept us from making a lot of in-personal connections. Westwood has provided terrific opportunities with a small group Bible study in our condo building and a Zoom group looking at the “vocation of grandparents”. We have received caring phone calls and cards. The Wednesday Zoom Vigil and Sunday online worship have been wonderfully encouraging. In the middle of political divisiveness, large numbers of hungry people, and racial injustice, we have been virtually connected in following the way of Jesus by a congregation of people trying to be mindfully grateful, acting justly, loving mercy and walking humbly. 


Congregational Stats

Online Stats

Total Website Visits


529% increase in 2020

Most Traffic to Our Website in 1 Day

809 Visitors

Easter Sunday 4/12/20

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13,644 New/Unique Visitors

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up 23% from January 2020




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January - March 2020



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WECC Report

In 2020 we locked down, broke down, pivoted, relaunched, quarantined, sanitized, innovated, and celebrated! During a year of uncertainty, we came together to provide exceptional, Christ-centered, early childhood programming. The overwhelming support that we received from the Westwood community during this challenging time helped make our days a little brighter. Thank you!

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A few WECC Highlights


Staff Employed


Families Served


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Temperatures Taken


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Hugs Given

Teigland Family.jpg

Liz + David Teigland

Soren + Rory

Our son Rory, 19 months, is now in Toddler 1, and Soren, 6, graduated from WECC this summer, having been there since he was 5 months.  This year has been full of fears, uncertainties, challenges in parenting, and feelings of loss.  For our family, WECC has been a constant to lean on.  They have allowed us to have a community where we can openly share fears and concerns.  They have worked with parents through all the ventures which we could not see the ending.  They have been extremely thoughtful in how to care for our children in this time, even when that care was from a distance.  They have been partners in being the hands leading and love supporting our children.  We're grateful for WECC.  It means so much to us!