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Post-Easter 2020

In this unique time, we’ve all been forced to think again about, “What’s really important in life? What matters most to me?” We wonder about the memories we’re making, the legacy we’re creating, the footprint we will leave on this earth.  In this Easter season, we’re exploring what kind of impact our faith has in these four key areas in our lives:

  1. Our community & neighborhood

  2. Our jobs and volunteer work

  3. Our own church and its ministries

  4. Our own families & friend groups

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Westwood U on Zoom!

"Your Legacy: Family, Church,​ Charity"

​Join Ann Kirchner and Perry Jacobson, Westwood members and Financial Planners at Thrivent, for an interactive conversation and presentation.

Giving is vital to the causes we care about. It’s personal. And it’s possible for all of us—with thoughtful preparation.  In other words, you don’t need to be rich, old or dead to make a memorable impact.  The purpose of this workshop is to offer ideas, and options that align with your values, so you can give in ways that make sense for you.  We’ll also touch upon how having a strategy in place can help make giving planned and easy. 

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