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Westwood U offers people of all ages the opportunity to gather for education, faith development, and growth.  

Kids, parents, grandparents, friends... Everyone is invited! 

The purpose of doing confirmation in this way is to move beyond education towards transformation. Westwood U is a way to create an ecosystem of lifelong faith formation at Westwood.  We believe that our hearts and hands must accompany our heads in our journeys of faith.  This model creates opportunities for faith exploration by tapping into the life experiences of multiple generations with the understanding that the content of faith has no traction outside of faith-based relationships.

Westwood U offers flexibility and choice of study topics and class times as well as intergenerational learning and growing.

See what courses are offered, read more about what to expect, and see what works for your schedule!

Register for one course or multiple!  It's up to you!  But registration is required for all courses!

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