We will all be making our commitment for the 2021 ministries and outreach on or before November 15.  Materials will also be mailed and emailed to you.


What does that mean?​​

Our PLEDGE is a dollar amount that we tell Westwood we will give in the coming year.  It’s not binding, but rather a commitment we make to ourselves and our finances, but also it’s how the church knows how much ministry we can do!  The more generous we are, the more we can accomplish together.

That pledge is made in form below.

Our GIVING is done, when possible, through Westwood Connect’s electronic giving program that’s easy for you to set up.  On this form you will set up weekly, monthly or quarterly, and the amount, and set it to start Jan. 1, 2021 and run for that year.

Set up your electronic giving in the form below.

That gift can also be given through your own bank’s program, or by check, or stock or other giving.