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Westwood has found itself drawn to five journeys. We call these  journeys because we aren't there yet—and, truth be told, we've barely begun. These journeys have been around longer than any of us, but these are places where we seek to make real, measurable change.


A church is an ideal place for this work.

  • We can take a long view and provide the resources over time that these areas need.

  • We can engage every decade of our population in this work, with the unique gifts that every person brings.

  • We can ground this work in our deepest convictions as people of faith. Our beliefs both drive and sustain our efforts.


We are called into these spaces to learn and listen. To be an ally, witness and advocate. To provide resources and a platform. To name, as the prophets did, a vision for what God wants—to help create a beloved community. At Westwood, we want to live out the idea of Ubuntu: "I am because we are."

Take The Journey With Us

We always welcome new voices on this journey, and we encourage you to reach out to be part the work. Details are located within each area above.

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