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We welcome back Dr. Matt Skinner, as he will be providing weekly, brief (8-10 min.) videos, introducing the Gospel text for the upcoming Sunday.  For the season of Epiphany, we will be focusing on the Gospel of Luke.  We encourage you to watch these prior to Sunday or use them in any of your study groups!

Also included in enews on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Watch "The Introduction to Luke" led by Dr. Matt Skinner



“It is a prayer practice in churches all over the world to give people a star word on this Epiphany Sunday. There are many reasons behind this tradition. First, we know that the Magi followed a star, which ultimately led them to Jesus. Therefore, we too use all the resources we have available to us— including creative prayer practices and intention words for the new year— to move closer to Jesus… Finally, we know that the most common prayer practice for many involves speaking to God as opposed to silence or contemplation. However, this prayer practice invites a new prayer rhythm of reflection and review that can be a powerful new way to connect with God.”

– Rev. Sarah Are, Sanctified Art

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What's my Star Word?

Choose a number between 1 and 130 and then click the button below to find your Star Word!

We encourage you to trust the number you have picked and not replace it with a different word!



take what you like, and leave the rest

  • Pause: Look up the definition of the word, even if it is a word you know well.  Then, spend time in silence with the word. What begins to bubble up to the surface?

    • Note: Our minds naturally wander when we spend time in silence. Do not judge yourself for becoming preoccupied with other thoughts. Gently bring your attention back to the word.

  • Pause: Place your word somewhere in your house where you will see it multiple times per day. Take a deep breath – or a few – whenever you go past it and consider the word  

  • Reflect: What does this word remind you of? Does it bring up any memories or experiences? A particular person? A place in time? 

  • Reflect: How might God be speaking to you through this word? 

  • Reflect: See if you can find your word – or one like it – in the Bible. What scripture passages can you find? How is the word used in the passage? Are there other Scripture passages that remind you of this word?

  • Reflect: Write or speak aloud a prayer that uses this word

  • Connect: Share your word with others and ask about their thoughts on the word. Feel free to share your reflections on your particular word with others. 

  • Connect: Email stories of what you’ve discovered. We are exploring sharing such stories in Enews, in worship, etc.