COVID Preparedness Plan for Safely Reopening 

We are hard at work on a preparedness plan for what fall may bring! As members of the Body of Christ, we commit ourselves to the health and safety of one another, and it is through that lens that we will be making decisions with input from public health experts on in-person worship, funerals, weddings, and group meetings at church. Here’s how and when those decisions will be made.  

Please know that we are doing everything in our control to assure the safety of anyone entering our building in the coming months.  We may not make the decisions we want to make, but we will make the tough decisions we need to make.  Not unlike schools, safely opening to gatherings of any size is very complicated, involving input from HVAC people who understand the airflow in our building, to experts who can talk to us about how many people should be in what size rooms, given windows, doors, ceiling height/volume, how quickly those rooms should turn over to a new group, etc. 

Those, then, are the first 2 steps we’ve taken:

  1. Consultation/information from our HVAC (airflow) company 

  2. Formation of a team of staff and congregation members, including people well-versed in public health and infectious diseases who can advise us and refer us to their colleagues if needed. 

A team of staff and members with particular knowledge in the areas we need to consider has been put together, consisting of Kelly and Dave Raatz, Amy Priddy, Keith Bergquist, Cindy Folin, Dan Ronning, Phillip Shoultz, Kellee Nelson, Pastor Miriam, and Pastor Tania.  They are currently meeting to gather information/data from our building and Covid information in our local area that will allow the staff and Council to make decisions for various spaces in our church building.  This information will determine WHEN groups can start meeting, WHERE meetings can happen, HOW MANY people are in those spaces, for how long, etc. 

These decisions will be shared by mid-September

Because of rapidly changing data, we will all need to stay flexible and nimble.  The plan is to take a couple of months at a time, knowing that things could change even within that period.  Therefore, we will make decisions for November and December in mid-October. 

From now through the end of September,

we are keeping our current plan and numbers

As a reminder, our building is locked except for the WECC and the office phone is answered.  The staff is mostly working remotely.  Weddings and funerals up to 50 people are happening and they are also being live-streamed to reach a wider audience. We will keep you informed of these plans through the website and e-news by mid-September, so if you are not receiving the weekly e-news (option to have it snail-mailed to you is available), please e-mail Marnie Fujii at to be added to the e-mail list. 

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